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✦ Magazine «Zenan kalby» is holding a creative contest ✦ ✦ Why are Flamingos Pink? ✦ ✦ Altyn Asyr» CJSC presented new internet packages! ✦ ✦ Israeli researchers find oldest evidence of fire-cooked food ✦ ✦ Secondary school student Maede Abbasova awarded with the Youth Prize of Turkmenistan ✦ ✦ IUHD students on mission to make the world a library ✦ ✦ «Turkmen Gala» company provides industrial and oil & gas services over a decade ✦ ✦ Young linsguitst conducted study tour to "Watan mukaddesligi" museum ✦ ✦ Turkmenistan’s Sapar Palvanov presents credentials in Belgium ✦ ✦ Lowly wax worm's saliva may boost fight against plastic pollution ✦
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Why are Flamingos Pink?
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Politics / 16.08.2022 / 164
Conference of Ministers of Transport of Landlocked Developing Countries organized in Turkmenistan
Sports / 12.08.2022
Turkmen athletes took part in the opening ceremony of the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games
Economics / 08.08.2022
An international exhibition and conference was held in Ashgabat
Society / 04.08.2022
School fairs open
Politics / 24.05.2022
Heads of diplomatic offices of Turkmenistan in Iran visited Golestan province
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